10 October 2009
Africa in Motion Film Festival

Africa In Motion Film Festival
comes to Drumnadrochit
Craigmonie Centre on November 11th & 12th 2009
Africa In Motion (AiM) is the biggest African film festival in the UK and screen dozens of films from all over the continent including shorts, documentaries and features.
The festival’s main goal is to overcome the under-representation of African film in the UK and to introduce Scottish audiences to the riches of African cinema.
AiM is currently in its fourth year in Edinburgh and a number of films will tour to rural areas in the ScottishHighlands and Islands in early November, including the Craigmonie Centre on
November 11th & 12th 2009.
To make these films as accessible as possible – entry is by Donation.
Suggested Donation: Adults £5 per day (Up to 3 films a day) / Children £1
Feel free to contribute more or less depending on your circumstances / how much you enjoyed the film!
For more information Contact the Craigmonie Centre on 01456 459 224 / www.craigmoniecentre.co.uk
Day 1: Wednesday: Nov 11th: 3.40pm  (After School)
African Animation for Children (U) Approx 1 hour
For a younger audience, the highlights of the programme will be South African Mike Scott’s HappyLand. These animated shorts have charming graphical qualities and a palette of bright colours that are sure to appeal to young children. The stories are simple and revolve around the brief adventures of the main characters Heavy, Float and Paper.
 Also featuring this year are short animations from an educational television series currently being broadcast in Kenya to primary school children aged 9 to 10, called African Tales. Each of these short animations was developed with local East African artists, so that it presents a unique aesthetic displayed in popular art from the region. These include paintings from the Tanzanian artist Sarange Omari in the style of the Tinga Tinga art movement or the more surreal paintings of Kenyan artist Eric Shitawa from Mombasa.
Introduction to the Africa In Motion Film Festival and African Film-making
Lizelle Bisschoff  (approx 50 mins) 7pm
Lizelle is the founder and director of Africa in Motion (AiM) film festival and is currently researching the role of women in sub-Saharan African cinema.   
African Short Film Compilation: Various countries | 2h | Various languages with English subtitles | 15 8pm
For the second year, AiM has invited African filmmakers to submit films of up to 30 minutes for the festival’s short film competition. In this package, we are proud to present the films which were shortlisted for the final stage of the competition.  The films span a variety of countries and genres and are indicative of the emerging filmmaking talent on the continent. Short films often act as a platform for aspiring filmmakers and film students and most of the established filmmakers of today have all started this way. The format lends itself perfectly to experimenting with style, actors and material, so short films tend to work as showcases for cinematographers and emerging directors.
Day 2: Thursday: Nov 12th
African Music & Animation: 3.40pm (After School)
Back Yard produced by South Africa’s Anamazing Workshop. These 3D computer generated animations about the adventures of Bhovas and Sam and their friends in urban South Africa include music from the popular Kwaito genre, retaining a fun and contemporary feel.
In a similar vein, the animations from Just a Band in Kenya were conceived as visual accompaniments to the electronic music produced by the same group of talented artists. They are rapidly becoming local celebrities in Nairobi due to the novel nature of their work and the use of a hybrid of video and animated images within their performances. Fans of comic book art and electronic music will enjoy these experimental films, whilst at the same time sampling a taste of Kenyan urban culture.  Another exciting addition this year is Kenneth Shofela Coker’s 3D computer animation Iwa. This film is a beautiful modern interpretation of Nigerian Yoruba creation mythology that, whilst drawing from indigenous aesthetic traditions, is at the same time contemporary and evocative on many levels.
The Great Dance: A Hunters Story – English (15) – 1:30m   7pm
The Great Dance is a fascinating documentary by the award-winning Foster brothers (who also directed Cosmic Africa, screened at Filmhouse to a large audience in April this year) that examines the unique relationship between the Kalahari Desert Bushmen and the harsh landscape of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. Filmed through the eyes of !Nqate, a hunter, the documentary follows the life of !Nqate as a hunter and tracker. The film is the raw and poignant story of !Nqate’s survival, as told in his own words. The never-before-seen footage of the death-defying ‘chasing hunt’, for which the Kalahari Bushmen are famous, makes this a unique and remarkable cinematic experience
Terra Sonâmbula (SleepwalkingLand) Teresa Prata | Mozambique/Portugal      2007 | 1h36m | Xangana and Portuguese with English subtitles | 15 8.30pm
Mozambique, civil war. Muidinga, a boy with big dreamy eyes, finds a diary beside a corpse and begins reading it. It is the story of Farida who lives in an old ship anchored out at sea, and who is searching for her own son. Muidinga convinces himself that he is the boy in the diary and decides to search for her. He sets off with his wise guardian Tuahir, a tough old storyteller, who finds it difficult to show his growing affection for the boy. Tuahir even becomes jealous that Muidinga might soon find his family. Like sleepwalkers, Muidinga and Tuahir wander through the war-torn landscape, both burdened with a past too horrible to remember. But amongst the devastation of the Mozambican civil war, SleepwalkingLand depicts through magical storytelling the importance of dreams, friendship and hope. 
To compliment the Film Festival – Glen Urquhart Library will highlight African Authors, stories and travel books that week.
The Craigmonie Centre will also present ‘Glen Africa’ - an exhibition of African Art & Artifacts that have made their way to Glen Urquhart .
A traditional painting from Ethiopia telling the story of the Queen of Sheba.
The precursor to the Film Makers’ Story Board?.
For more information contact:
Craigmonie Centre
GlenUrquhartHigh School
IV63 6XA
01456 459 224

Africa in Motion Film Festival
W: www.africa-in-motion.org.uk

Stop Press!

Africa in Motion Film Festival will be coming to Drumnadrochit as part of their Highland Rural Tour.

The provisional date for a collection of films, shorts and talks is Thursday November 11th & 12th 2009

Watch this space for further details



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